Strategic Plan



The Forward. Together. vision, project, and campaign are direct outgrowths of Worthington Christian Schools’ 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The plan is the result of a six-month process guided by an 11 member planning committee including parents, faculty, administration, and board members. The result is four priorities and 22 actions.

The essence of any school is teaching and learning, but the significance of teaching and learning in a Christian school is underscored by Jesus in Luke 6 when He says that a student’s education is complete when he is like his teacher. Every operation in the school should be designed to improve and promote teaching and learning.

PRIORITY: Establish an academic culture that prepares students to apply a biblical framework to their academic studies, so they can thoughtfully address the important issues found in their future studies and vocations.

The most valuable resource in any school is the body of people most directly charged with the instruction of its students. The quality of a classroom teacher is the factor most directly linked to student success.

PRIORITY:  Recruit, retain, and develop a first-rate professional faculty capable of mentoring, teaching, and leading our students.

The facilities of the school must be appropriately sized and constructed to serve the needs of the school. Aging and inadequate facilities currently prevent the school from providing the kind of access, environment, and instruction that we wish to provide. Future investment in our campuses will be necessary to ensure that the school is capable of sustaining the next forty years of excellence.

PRIORITY:  Launch a capital campaign that solves the current and future problems that our existing facilities present and provides learning spaces that inspire students to the best of K-12 education.

All school resources belong to God and have been given to the school to accomplish the mission to which we believe we have been called. As stewards of these resources, we must allocate them wisely, righteously, strategically, and fairly. Many factors play a role in our ability to do so, including the possible effects of rising tuition costs, an uncertain economic future, unpredictability in health care costs, future enrollment levels, costs associated with any new construction, and the mutual relationship between the school and Grace Polaris Church. A solid financial position and the promotion of the value of a Worthington Christian education are critical to the future of the school.

PRIORITY:  Create a responsible financial plan that provides full funding for the school with no operating deficits, while wisely stewarding the resources of the school and school community.

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